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Providing protection and innovation to the real-life heroes.

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Since 1936, Blauer® has set the standard for public safety apparel. Through continuous innovation in materials, design and engineering, as part of its own philosophy, Blauer® has helped to ensure that those who protect the communities are protected on the streets. The slogan”Serious protection“, conveys the unwavering commitment to top quality.

In January 1999, the Blauer family decided to partner with the Mexican company Operadora Ganso Azul® in order to take advantage of the excellent workmanship of artisans from the state of  Yucatán in Mexico and expand Blauer® products to the international markets. Since then, Blauer® has moved most of its production to Mexico, and from there provides the global market with a brand of long tradition and maximum quality.

Blauer Manufacturing Co., Inc. and Operadora Ganso Azul S. de R.L. de C.V. created a new company in March 2011 in order to market Blauer® in Mexico, Latin America and part of Europe. Thus, Blauer Internacional as such was born.

In Blauer ®, we currently count with clients and distributors located along Mexico and Latin America. Our growth has been exponential and our constant expansion has been due to our continuous commitment to offer outstanding customer service and maximum quality products.